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Under the wise policy of the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and permanent keenness on the continued support of the Renaissance architectural and real estate development in all parts of the UK, has launched thanks to God Engineers Foundation for the development of real estate for more than twenty years to be an important part of this integrated system, where engineers Foundation began its work in the field of real estate development in 1413, taken from Medina headquarters to her, and for more than twenty years the Foundation has contributed to urban development movement in Medina and other cities in the Kingdom, was transferred to the Engineers Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in 1434 AH, the company eager to be a monument of Sorouh real estate development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, belief in the mission, goals and vision. Read More ...

  • Our history

    Engineers Foundation Real Estate Development began her career in the development of land and development and the introduction of services and infrastructure in the city of Medina since 1413, reaching developed land area of ​​more than (15,000,000) m was enough to occur a quantum leap for a large segment of the people of Medina in terms of securing appropriate opportunities for the construction of buildings and shops, and this success was thanks to God and the sincere efforts and high-determination for the people of this blessed city and are keen to join us in the Messenger of Allah city attic service him. We have laid the Engineers Foundation for the development of the real estate of the mainstays of the concept of real estate development, and proved to everyone that real estate development is the art of transforming the impossible to possible, and that the real estate investment is profitable to trade all levels, and reflected in its achievements, which include: - (Gemma scheme, Mansour scheme, engineers scheme , jewel Azizia scheme, hill Azizia scheme, Dora Azizia scheme, northern hills scheme, breeze peace outline, outline the door to peace, flowers scheme, scheme Rawabi Awali, oases scheme, scheme Rayyan, jewel Peace Plan, pearl peace scheme, scheme Doha, scheme promoter, friend scheme, summit Sultana scheme, scheme Muhammadiyah, planned Cordoba, a city of peace chart). And thanks to God stretched Engineers Foundation for real estate development efforts outside the boundaries of the city of Medina to develop Cordoba scheme in the city of Tabuk, and the outline of Dora Rais on the coast of the Red Sea, which will be thanks to God Dora development over the brow of Engineers real estate development, a new achievement added to record the achievements of Engineers real estate development.

  • Our mission and vision

    vision Engineers Real Estate Development Company Limited: -

    1- gathered Engineers Real Estate Development Company of the future vision and planning security in the investment.

    2- take Engineers company changes that occur in the real estate work through its commitment to providing a comprehensive and integral development, including modern methods of funding through a wider ownership of real estate services.

    3- Engineers is committed to a long-term commitment schemes established by the set new milestones for the residential areas of assembly, taking into account the spirit of cultural design.

    4- Engineers take into account the company commitment to heritage and environmental awareness in the planning stages and construction regulatory schemes.

  • Our goals

    of the objectives of Engineers Real Estate Development Company: -

    1- development of the real estate sector

    2- keep up with the real estate boom in the Kingdom in all areas

    3- to develop plans and strategies and visions of the future of real estate activity

    4- to take advantage of recent trends in the field of real estate development

    5- to maintain the aesthetic and heritage planning for the city of Medina

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Projects Engineers Co. for real estate development

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